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Our company's new research and development of the ultra-clean dial wheel removal machine grand come out, the product can be widely used in potato starch production in the pre-preparation of raw materials, can effectively remove potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava and other potato materials attached to the soil, Sand, small stones, weeds and other impurities. The equipment features are as follows:

1.    A multi-stage equipment cleaning, ensure impurity effect.

2.    In addition to soil, rock removal and weeding at the same time, reducing the number of equipment units, saving resources.

3.    According to different amounts of impurity material, always adjust the amount of processing of raw materials.

4.    Dockage is convenient, automatic dockage.

5.    Since the use of special materials impurity removal roller, at the same time to ensure that material hardness, it will not damage the material.



The device will be held June 21 to 23 at 2016 the 11th Shanghai International Starch and Derivatives Exhibition on-site display. Interested friends can visit Tidecom Technology booth.