sample analyzing

  • sample analyzing
  • cleaning and washing
  • rasping and milling
  • cyclone de-sanding
  • centrifugal extracting
  • refining
  • solid - liquid separation
  • drying and screen
  • weighing and packaging

  SGT have devoted ourselves to the tubers production and processing technology for decades. The technology and equipment enjoyed a good reputation in the market.

       The technology includes raw material reception, de-stoning, washing, desanding, emulsion dehydration, backfill type flash drying and packaging.

       It can realized automatic production with each processing section connected. Meanwhile, it can process fresh tubers into flour containing 12% water. Besides the advantages of low water and material consumption, wide application field. The technology also has low cell disruption rate that can guarantee more nutrition of the product, shorter processing period, etc.


project case