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Profile of TTC Group


Tidecom Technology Corperation(TTC) is a group company intigrating technology, manufacturing and trading business.  It originates from Beijing Rescom Food Tech. Co., Ltd, established in 1998.  After nearly 20 years of developmentTTC has extended its business from food processing, agricultural products fields to biology, pharmacy, chemistry, environment protection and energy, etc.  It provides comprehensive solutions covering engineering service, machinery and electronic manufacturing, technology development, financial consult and international trade.

TTC head-quarters in Hefei, a city famous for its scientific research and education. It has subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai, Inner Mongolia, Guangxi, Indonesia, Thailand, and marketing offices in many other places at domestic and abroad.  


TTC Business Scope:

1.    Engineering Division

1.1    Fields

1.1.1 Starch engineering

A. Potato starch

B. Cassava starch

C. Sweet potato starch

D. Corn starch

E. Wheat starch

F. Rice starch

G. Pea starch

H. Sago starch

I. Modified starch

J. Starch sugar


1.1.2 Protein Engineering

A. Potato protein

B  Sweet potato protein

C. Corn protein

D. Pea protein

E. Soybean protein

F. Gluten



1.1.3 Fiber Engineering

A. Potato fiber

B. Cassava fiber

C. Sweet potato fiber

D. Pea fiber


1.1.4 Beverage Engineering

A. Tuber drinks

B. Protein drinks



1.1.5 Fermentation Engineering



C. Small variety of amino acid

D. Edible alcohol

E. Fuel ethanol


1.1.6  Food Engineering

A. Dairy processing

B. Fruit and Vegetable Processing

C. Snack food

D. Meat processing 

E. Confectionery


1.1.7  Packaging Engineering

A. Powder packaging

B. Bottle & can packaging


1.1.8  Environmental Engineering

A. Waste water treatment

B. Soild waste treatment


1.1.9  Energy Engineering

A. Bio-energy

B. Solar energy

1.2.   Services:

1.2.1  Turn key project

1.2.2  Project consultation

1.2.3  Engineering design

1.2.4  Engineering installation

1.2.5  Project management

1.2.6  Hosting service


2   R & D Devision

2.1  Technology development

2.2  Product development

2.3  R & D Setup (Inner Mongolia, DTS) (cooperative institutions: USTC, Hefei University of Technology, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology etc)


3   Financial Consult Division

3.1  Foreign Government Loanscountries, successful cases

3.2  Export credit loan

3.3  project financing


4    Manufacturing Division

4.1   SGT (capacity, photos, successful cases, qualification

4.2   DTS


5    TTC International Trade Devision

5.1   Technology

5.2   Equipments

5.3   Raw and auxiliary materials




1.  Beijing Tidecom Technology Co., Ltd.

2.  Beijing Rascom Food Technology Co., Ltd. (RASCOM)

3.  Anhui Tidecom Agriculture Development Co., Ltd.

4.  Anhui Sino-German Technology Co., Ltd. (SGT)

5.  Anhui Danish Technology System Co., Ltd. (DTS)

6.  Beijing Sino-German Technology Co., Ltd. (SGT)

7.  Beijing DFC Sales and Marketing Co., Ltd.

8.  Inner Mongolia Tidecom Agricultural Co., Ltd.

9.  Indonesia SGT Co., Ltd. (SGT Indonesia)

10.  Thailand SGT Co., Ltd.

11.  Australia Toptec Products Co., Ltd.